ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Audit Standard

An audit protocol based on best practice industry initiatives

ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Audit Standard

The ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Audit Standard and its associated Protocol offers facilities, retailers and brands a suite of resources to proactively manage social compliance.

The protocol includes:

  • ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Audit Standard that acts like a Code of Conduct by outlining the relevant issues and expectations for suppliers and factories
  • Tools that translate the Standard into a world-class audit framework including an interactive Audit Tool, checklist, grading matrix, data collection process etc.
  • Guidance that enables our team to deliver high / consistent quality. This includes the proprietary ELEVATE Academy, assessment manual, a report writing guide and more.

“The ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Audit (ERSA) and wider Protocol are an integral part of ELEVATE’s ongoing commitment to elevating audit engagements, quality and transparency both within our own organization and those we work with each day.” Davis Guan, Vice President, Global Quality

“Audit reports produced from this process will also include enhanced analytics on industry trends and benchmarking insight around factory performance. Future iterations will include insight into equivalency against industry initiatives.” Dr Kevin Franklin, Senior Vice President


What is covered by the Standard?

This provisions of the ELEVATE Responsible Sourcing Standard include:

  • Transparency & Business Integrity
  • Management Systems
  • Hiring, Disciplinary & Termination
  • Child Labour
  • Forced Labour
  • Harassment or Abuse
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Freedom of Association & Grievance Mechanisms
  • Foreign Migrant Labour
  • Wages and Benefits
  • Hours of Work
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Homework


The criteria and guidelines are maintained by ELEVATE and were developed based on local and national laws, International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and benchmarked against industry protocols including:

  • Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) (formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition)
  • Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI)
  • Foreign Trade Association (FTA) Business for Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
  • Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP)
  • ICTI CARE Foundation
  • Sedex SMETA 6.0 framework
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)
  • And more 

How to use our Standard in your organisation

Any company interested in improving social conditions in their organization or supply chain may use the Standard. The Standard and its associated Protocol, reporting framework and analytics platform can be deployed by ELEVATE auditors on behalf of your business and / or licensed for use internally. The ELEVATE Academy and associated auditor training resources will also eventually be available to ELEVATE clients and company internal audit teams.

The Standard caters to a wide variety of industries with particular applicability for apparel, electronics, consumer goods and retail and agriculture. It is suited for facilities looking to implement the proactive management and monitoring of social compliance.